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SCRIPT IN HAND Series Events:

Intersections II: Forging Family Through More than DNA
Running : April 27-29

An exploration of what it means to build a family through an LGBTQIA (and allies) lens, of what it means to build and develop family as a series of intersections with kindred people who deliberately form nurturing family units. 
Writers Shauna Brock, Dave Hanson, Louise Mathews, Jim Martin, Jaxton Mullineaux, Melissa Rasmussen, Lorelei Rutledge, John Wilkes and one anonymous writer created monologues in a 4-week writing workshop led by Eric Samuelsen. They were then each mentored by a playwright from The Lab at Plan-B. 
And now, their pieces will be performed by Kirt Bateman, Colleen Baum, Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin, Susanna Florence and Barrett Ogden. Stage managed by Jennifer Freed. Directed by Eric Samuelsen. 

Running: June 8-18, 2017
Th & F @ 8, Sat @ 4 & 8, Sun @ 2
Studio Theatre at the Rose Wagner

Our country feels more divided than ever before. People increasingly feel their voices are being ignored. It seems we’ve collectively lost the ability to listen. 
Please join us for a non-partisan evening of new work drawn from real-life stories – equal parts liberal and conservative – some you’ll agree with, some you won’t, all from people just like you. 
Featuring short plays by Utah playwrights Austin Archer, Matthew Ivan Bennett, Carleton Bluford, Rachel Bublitz, Elaine Jarvik, Julie Jensen, Jennifer A. Kokai, Melissa Leilani Larson, Jenifer Nii, Eric Samuelsen, Morag Shepherd and Debora Threedy. 
The cast includes Lily Hye Soo Dixon, Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin, April Fossen, Mark Fossen, Bryan Kido, Tito Livas, Jayne Luke, Shane Mozaffari, JJ Neward, Isabella Reader, Matthew Sincell, Darryl Stamp, Aaron Swenson and Jason Tatom. Designed by Jesse Portillo, stage managed by Michael Johnson, directed by Jerry Rapier. 

In partnership with The Children's Center


Plan-B Theatre raises awareness and invites conversation about the important issues that are present in our community. Plan-B’s productions spotlight Utah playwrights while delving into themes such as LGBTQ rights, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, downwinders, cancer, racism, and religion through the use of dynamic and engaging characters to show how these issues impact people every day.

Seventy-five percent of Plan-B’s productions have been world premieres, including Eric Samuelsen’s Borderlands, Jenifer Nii’s Suffrage, and Matthew Ivan Bennett’s A/Version of Events. Plan-B successfully promotes its plays nationally and internationally, namely, Carol Lynn Pearson’s Facing East (off-Broadway in New York and Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco), Matthew Greene’s Adam & Steve and the Empty Sea (New York International Fringe Festival), and Matthew Ivan Bennett’s Eric(a) (United Solo Theatre Festival and Theatre Out, Santa Ana, CA).

The Laramie Project 

The Laramie Project 

Jane and Tami became directly involved with Plan-B during the 2001 production of The Laramie Project. “An extraordinary feat of theatrical journalism,” the play highlighted the social issues, events, and pressures surrounding and leading up to the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming. Tami is a long time member of Plan-B’s Board of Trustees.


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