Peace & Possibility Announces Weber State Essay Contest Winners 


Peace & possibility project selects essay contest winners

Peace & Possibility Project recently awarded three Weber State students scholarships for their short essays on their LGBTQ+ stories. The three students, Jalen Carpentar, Kestin Page, and Andrew Crookston shared three very different experiences with gender identity, the battle between expectation and reality, and what the LGBTQ+ movement needs to do moving forward.


Jalen Carpenter won the top prize of a $500 scholarship. Entering college, Jalen had little understanding of the LGBTQ+ community.  This is the story of his learning what those letters meant, and his battle between the dream of pursuing a professional basketball career and the decision to undergo the medical transition to conform to his gender identity. 


Kestin Page, winner of a $100 scholarship, explores the need to identify, discuss, and move past the levels of privilege within the LGBTQ+ community. Kestin wants to work to raise the status and sense of belonging to members of the LGBTQ+ community that aren’t granted the same privileges he is as a white male.  


 Andrew Crookston, also a recipient of a $100 scholarship, shares the story of his struggle to reconcile his sexual orientation and his LDS faith. He battled the internal conflict of trying to conform to the expectations pushed upon him while living with the reality of his sexual identity. With the support of his family, Andrew is no longer ashamed of his sexual orientation and wants to continue to build understanding and acceptance between the LDS church and the LGBTQ+ community.


Power of Your Purse Gala



United Way of Salt Lake Women United  will be hosting their annual Power of Your Purse Gala 

june 8, 2017
9565 Wasatch Blvd

Please join them as they work to ensure girls and young women can achieve a lifetime of success through the power of education! For more details or to purchase tickets, click below.



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Get Involved: Love Utah Give Utah

Tami and Jane would like to thank everyone who participated in Love Utah Give Utah and offer congratulations to the YWCA and Plan-B Theatre company. Both are great organizations that ranked in the top three raises in their categories. Congrats!


YWCA of utah

The YWCA Utah ranked first in the "Inspiring our Community" category, with over 533 donors contributing over $15.572. 

Plan b Theatre Company

Plan-B Theatre raised over $17,931 from 216 donors during Love Utah Give Utah. They ranked third in "Discovery & Enlightenment."

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